Carnilove: Dog pouches vs cans

Psi Americký staffordšírský teriér Amanda Lasser 1 odpověď 27.09.2023
Hello, I'm feeding my pitbull mix breed the Carnilove wet food, both the pouches and the cans. I wanted to know what is the difference? Do they have different nutritional values? I am most interested in the protein values between the two. I see one is more like a pâté and one has large pieces of meat. When comparing the duck pouch and the duck/pheasant can its protein value is 12% pouch, and 8.5% can. And comparing the wild boar pouch 12%, and the wild boar/lamb can 9.5% protein. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Martin Kváš 01.10.2023
Hi, differences in composition of these products You can find in list of components. Composition of these products is slightly different. There is also mentioned different protein content due to different composition. Best regards Martin Kvas

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